Beka is individual but has never been on a planet, having been born on the salvage ship Eureka Maru that had been created by her drug-addict, cargo-running father, Ignatius Valentine, and his buddy and trading partner, Sid Barry. Beka’s semi-rich mom Senator Talia Waterkurk split the Maru Squad when she was 7, her ‘Uncle’ Sid also split when she was a girl when he moreover Ignatius had a struggle (sparked by Sid’s murder of multiple customs officials). Beka’s beloved brother Raphael Valentine left the Maru some time earlier Ignatius’ death in CY 10097. Some point after acquiring the Maru, Beka Valentine joins Bobby Jensen. They date for a while, and Bobby suits Beka’s only crew member till he lies to her regarding the nature of load they pulled up on Earth with the aid of Seamus Harper as part of a moving services. Bobby said they were conveying processors when they were lifting missiles. Beka breaks up with Bobby and hires Harper, succeeding also hiring Rev Bem, Vexpag he later dies in an event which occurred a torn pressure suit and a bad pressure seal) plus Trance Gemini. Continue reading “Valentine”

The Unconquerable Man

The title of the unconquerable men is nest defined by Gaheris Rhade, men that went down in history as an undefeated hero on both sides. The Commonwealth remembers him to be one of the first extraordinary officers to be lost in the ensuing war for freedom. But the Nietzscheans recognize him as a spy and informant who was a be vital a pivotal role in defeating the Commonwealth first line of defense leading to a greater chance of success. This story teach2s me of no matter how your raised or what you taught despite all the sins of past transgressions you can choose to be a hero at the end of your story. We don’t get the full perspective of Telemachus at the beginning of the story but how he betrayed Dillon to the Nietzschean. The ensuing battle determines what will become of the future when evil comes in its truest form to challenge all creation to a fight. Both of these men are leaders warriors philosophers lobes and saviors but only is chosen to be a shifting effect in a tidal wave of chaos. However, this is an alternative timeline; in the original made sure that Rhade won the match against Dylan, and it was Rhade that awoke 300 years succeeding atop the dead remains of his friend. Soon after awakeing and being brought of the black holes radius by cheap towing, he fought with the Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence to affirm that he was in command notwithstanding what he had done. Shortly after that, Rhade found that after the Fall, his people the Nietzschean Alliance had sunk into civil war, with numerous conflicts among the points of pride. Continue reading “The Unconquerable Man”

Fun Guy

HarperotherSeamus Harper is one of the funniest on the Andromeda Ascendant, with his quick wit and perverted style the balance between genius and dork worked well with Dillon Hunt. Harper represents the last vestige of pure human survival and desperation need to evolve to better ourselves without the need for genetic alterations. Niezcthens are a real issue for him since they took earth over but didn’t protect from magog raiding parties intent on reproducing to increase their force in that sector. His adventure on the Andromeda Ascendent reminds me of all the underdog stories of survivors scratching for apiece of paradise and never giving up no matter how hard life got. I read when I was young. All the scenes his in are filled with intelligent questions meant to make you a widen your view of what you think can be possible, that brings a different construct to this character that you as a viewer would grow to support. As Dillon’s story begins in time dilation caused in the event of a black hole his perception of everything changes, when Harper and Becka salvage him in a risky endeavor which makes you question why don’t they do junk removal in battlefields to salvage any tech laying around to sell back at a profit. Continue reading “Fun Guy”

Grace of Trance

Some things are miss understood in the show at firsts but are revealed to be paramount in the long run. One of these things is Trance Gemini, a long time delinquent on Andromeda, spends her days telling riddled truths to cover in mysterious wisdom.she is by far the unsung hero no one expects her to be giving a sense of wonderment. First appearing in under the night trance pops into the scene as a seemingly typical crew member, following captain Beka’s lead on a risky wreckage retrieval mission involving Dillion Commonwealth ship. The concept of celestial beings existing in diverse forms brings an interesting twist to a very straightforward story, giving a viewer an idea of what ascended conciseness. Her constant hints of what she is sprinkled numerous times over the course of the story with obvious objections to the destruction suns or other celestial bodies. Gives an idea of where allegiances lie. Some other things also reveal information about her physical state like when Tyr pointed out that he had never seen her consume any food or other sources of nutrients. Responding with a quick jab about his weird Nietzschean ways deflecting the statement long enough tell another incident happens. One fact about Trance Gemini behavior is the continued commitment to the Andromeda crews success. Spending her days exploring new territories for information linked with an ancient evil waiting for weakness and fear to creep into the minds of people stripping their fighting spirit. When I learned, she could travel through dimensions as well as space-time reality, it added an interesting fact since after that it’s revealed she’s an avatar for a sun.

“I am the avatar of the sun, a star all thing come from me. You are elements of the sun. As I make you I am able to destroy you as I destroy you; I am able to create. Awareness is where we travel no path I am all gravity and we exist in all universes and those in between what destroys you in this universe will deliver you to the next.”
-Trance Gemini to Dillion Hunt

The Way


One of Andromeda’s most memorable characters would be a seemingly simple creature who values life, peace, and freedom above all.Rev Ben the magog also known for being a wayist burst into the world from the belly of an innocent woman tainted by his father. What amazes me is that Rev found by a follower of the way that taught the way instead of killing him like the monster others would portray him as. Wayisim is a combination of different old earth religions with a strong of a sense of faith and unity with creation. A man who followed these philosophies fell by a monster known as a Magog that used him for means to procreate. During the process while being paralyzed a moment of clarity came that the universe presents opportunities in unusual ways, now all that mattered is to pass on what he know, but only a monster was around. Through all the years of struggling to find the path to spiritual ascension, one last moment was granted to him so even though the pain of being an incubator for larva Magog speaking of earth’s many religions resounded with the capture shifting its value of life making it question its way. After enough time had passed the man dies in his place, Magog babies are born, but the father went through a process of change unfamiliar to his kind allowing for knowledge to be learned that would soon become wisdom. Anointed is one name this Magog parent carries as divine epiphanies appear to him as a new faith in divinity is formed called the way. Teaching newer generations tranquility and enlightenment through the mountain path, a spiritual journey leading to enlightenment. Betterment through deeds accompanied by sacrifice is something most people get since it’s not how we act but what we do that matters. No one understands Rev’s continued struggle to fight hunger that would drive most people to insanity. Imagine a pain so terrible it makes you sick, haunts your dreams, destroy your days and being thankful still for every moment just for being alive. Spirituality and religion mix in this aspect weaving into the tale being spun giving viewers a gradual idea of what belief structures could like millenniums into the future. My favorite parts of the story are when Rev chooses a more peace filled path to conflicts resolution. More notably when he came face to face with children terrorized by the Magog and resisted extinction through creative but violent means. When Rev was speaking with the leader about cruelty bathed in savagery, he asked if she had not killed him in 5 minutes maybe she could wait an hour than a day and so on thereby teaching the way.

Andromeda Ascendent


The balance between light and darkness that Dillon Hunt represents in his adventure on the Andromeda Ascendent reminds me of all the stories of righteous justice I read when I was young. All the episodes filled with philosophical statements that make one question aspects of life you as a viewer would do them self. As Dillon’s story begins in time dilation caused in the event of a black hole his perception of everything changes. New possibilities presented in the form of a new crew who informs him all of what made this captain who he crumbled by an ancient ally who swore to honor the combined form of the systems commonwealth. Leading to an overwhelming revolt crushing centuries of peace constructed by years of diplomacy between millions of planets with life as diverse as nature allows it. Nezetchens are the root problem in what had transpired since it was Captions hunts commander Rhade chose to betray instead of stay loyal to an oath once given. The reason for this betrayal came from a disagreement raised to more emotional levels as a peace treaty was written to appease a warmongering race that eats and reproduces at the cost of other species obviously hatred for crimes committed will not be excused through failed explanations. With the added ideology that Nietzschean’s are superior in various ways placing themselves on a pedestal above any reproach, war was waged and won for a short while. Victory finally achieved by the Nietzschean’s was long deserved since they fought against a combined force of that outnumbered them a hundred to one ridiculous odds that didn’t make a difference in the end. But pride diluted aspiration and turned it into greed filled ambition dividing legions of warriors into packs of predators descending onto more vulnerable pieces of the systems commonwealth. The Magog sensing this to be a fact came with a force bigger than anyone could have imagined, decimating what remanded in the rubble of this civil war plunging thousands of plant into the long night. 300 years pass before the last Commonwealth ship, and captain appears giving and a ray of hope in a sea of chaos still being stirred by Magog raiding parties followed by Nietzschean attacks. Surprise fills Dillion when Harper informs him of the fall humanities brilliance amongst the separate species after the uprising though heavy worlders seem to be doing fine. Now a new journey to re-establish the fallen Commonwealth by signing an alliance treaty between 50 of the known galaxies governments.