Beka is individual but has never been on a planet, having been born on the salvage ship Eureka Maru that had been created by her drug-addict, cargo-running father, Ignatius Valentine, and his buddy and trading partner, Sid Barry. Beka’s semi-rich mom Senator Talia Waterkurk split the Maru Squad when she was 7, her ‘Uncle’ Sid […]

The Unconquerable Man

The title of the unconquerable men is nest defined by Gaheris Rhade, men that went down in history as an undefeated hero on both sides. The Commonwealth remembers him to be one of the first extraordinary officers to be lost in the ensuing war for freedom. But the Nietzscheans recognize him as a spy and […]

Fun Guy

Seamus Harper is one of the funniest on the Andromeda Ascendant, with his quick wit and perverted style the balance between genius and dork worked well with Dillon Hunt. Harper represents the last vestige of pure human survival and desperation need to evolve to better ourselves without the need for genetic alterations. Niezcthens are a […]

Grace of Trance

Some things are miss understood in the show at firsts but are revealed to be paramount in the long run. One of these things is Trance Gemini, a long time delinquent on Andromeda, spends her days telling riddled truths to cover in mysterious wisdom.she is by far the unsung hero no one expects her to […]

The Way

One of Andromeda’s most memorable characters would be a seemingly simple creature who values life, peace, and freedom above all.Rev Ben the magog also known for being a wayist burst into the world from the belly of an innocent woman tainted by his father. What amazes me is that Rev found by a follower of […]

Andromeda Ascendent

The balance between light and darkness that Dillon Hunt represents in his adventure on the Andromeda Ascendent reminds me of all the stories of righteous justice I read when I was young. All the episodes filled with philosophical statements that make one question aspects of life you as a viewer would do them self. As […]